Apple is one of the best companies in all over the world, there is much product that Apple provide us like IPAD, MAC, IPOD, IPHONE, APPLE WATCH etc. In this article, we summarize the problem of APPLE TECH SUPPORT and related reviews. We can also provide the full list of customer care number.


APPLE CUSTOMER SERVICE PROBLEMS: When we use any product always there is any problem that we face. Although iDevice users can also encounter some problem while using their IPOD, IPAD, IPHONE, MAC or any iDevices, these problems are mainly classified into 4 categories:

  • Warranty problem
  • Reparation and maintenance problem
  • Rigid policy problem
  • Service staff problem

WARRENTY PROBLEM: Every device having a limited warranty which is same in   iDevices. Even in warranty period, sometimes APPLE TECH SUPPORT wants money to replace any part in your phone andiDevice parts are highly expensive.  

        SOLUTION: First you should extend the warranty of your device when it expires                                   and check the warranty chart due to that you aware of which is free for                             you and for what part you have to pay.

REPAIRATION AND MAINTENANCE PROBLEM: This is also a problem that facing by iDevices users. The screen of your device may be broken or your device not working properly then Apple support system helps you to get back from this problem.

      SOLUTION: Every broken screen of iPhone that not mean it will be physical damage.                           If this happenthen you should contact                                                                          , and also search on                          Google Search engine or Yahoo URL to get the better result, they                                      replace your phone and you got a new phone.

RIGID POLICY PROBLEM: iDevice has the rigid policy problem. Now Apple drops 30 days return policy and makes it for 15 days. You can change or exchange phone under 15 days only. Insurance of iPhone is also followed rigid policy.

      SOLUTION: This problem is not bad as much and not good too. Problems are not                               always to disturb you it can also help to secure your phone and in the                               case of iPhone, it is like Security.

SERVICE STAFF PROBLEM: It can occur when you take your iDevice into an apple store and they are not allowed to fix your problem under warranty, this is a big problem.

        SOLUTION: When you face such problem then you have to go with Url main site                                 and register your complaint about the misbehavior of employee in                                    Apple center. Customer-employee should be relaxed while talking to                                  each other and Employee should know how to handle their customer.


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