How to solve No SIM card problem in iPhone

Nowadays iPhone has overcome the Android phones. IPhones stand separately in the market in terms of features and looks. IPhone has great demand in the market. Users prefer iPhone over the Android phones.



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Users of iPhone face difficulties while a message indicating No SIM appears on the screen. This problem might be due to the dislocation of the SIM card. Solving this not a big task, just follow the given points.

Locate the SIM card- Place of SIM card slot varies with the versions of the iPhone. To find a slot in iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone3GS, look for the hold button and for the headphone jack. Hold button will have a tiny hole in it in which the SIM card slot is placed.

In iPhone 4 and in latest versions, the SIM card slot is at the right side of the iPhone.

Re-seating the SIM card- To re seat the SIM card in its slot, use a paper clip and push its one end into the hole of the tray to pull it out. Remove the SIM card from the tray and place it properly again into the slot and push the tray back into the iPhone properly, make sure that it is properly seated. Wait for some time it might be possible that No SIM card installed message disappears from the screen and SIM card begins to work. If this doesn’t happen, remove the SIM card again from the slot and clean the slot with a clean cloth.

Update the device- If the above solution doesn’t work out, try to update the device. Check for the availability of the update of the iPhone.  To update the software, go to settings of the iPhone and click on the general option. Under the general option, tap on software update option and follow the on screen instruction to install it.

Airplane mode- Airplane is one of the important applications of the iPhone. It can also be used to reset the network settings. If SIM card problem still exists, turn ON the airplane mode and turn it OFF again after some time. To turn on the airplane mode, go to settings of the iPhone and turn ON airplane mode bar.

Restart the iPhone- If a problem still exists, restart the iPhone. To restart the iPhone press and hold the Hold button until a slider appears on the screen indicating a Turn OFF option.

Hardware problem- If the problem still exists, it might be due to the hardware problem of the device. To solve this issue, take the device to the repairing store.

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